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CSNL News July August 2020

Thanks to Lilian Webb our Magazine Editor for keeping the magazine going throughout the lockdown

Issue 60 CSNL NEWS July/August, 2020
Parish Of Celbridge & Straffan with Newcastle-Lyons
Church of Ireland United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough
By the parishioners - for the parishioners

From Our Rector - Dear Friends ..
It is a strange irony that before the lockdown from which we have now emerged (hopefully without major setback) we were inclined to complain how much time people wasted with their faces buried in screens. And yet it was these very screens that became our link to one another, the wider world and our worshipping life as a Church. Whether it was the to and fro on the parish WhatsApp group with its mixture of the Sacred and the Silly which kept us together in laughter and tears, the YouTube services with the growing cast of participants which brought us together in prayer and fellowship on a Sunday morning, or the Zoom coffee afterwards which was a chance to admire each others taste in wallpaper and pyjamas, screens played a vital part in our lives under lockdown. Now that we are returning to a level of normality (or the new normality) we can once again rejoice in the real and tangible experience of being physically present to each other, although often behind various forms of screens or masks to preserve our mutual safety. Time was if you saw somebody going down the street wearing a mask you would wonder which bank they were about to rob and now to add irony to irony we are expected to wear a mask to go to the bank!
All of which illustrated the timeless truth that we should not judge people by outward appearances. There are good and bad reasons for using screens and there are good and bad reasons for wearing masks - what matters is why we do what we do and what we seek to achieve. If it is love that is in our hearts then no matter what we do it is love that will flow from us even if we are behind a screen or mask. It can get through every barrier and will bring healing and hope to all who receive it. As the hymn puts it - Let there be Love shared among us!
Yours, Stephen

Returning To Church - Guidelines For Parishioners & Visitors
For those who plan to come to public worship please read the following points of information and guidance:

Worship will be at usual times: 9.00 Newcastle, 10.15 Straffan & 11.30 Celbridge.
Initially there will be no Holy Communion services - when they resume further guidance will be given.
Do not bring your own books to church.
Do not come to church if you have any of the symptoms associated with Covid19.
On arrival go directly into church following guidance of wardens (avoid bottlenecks at entrance).
Sanitizer will be provided at entrance.
Wardens will indicate where to sit to comply with social distancing and you should go direct to seat and not engage with others on way to seat.
Alternate pews are roped off and should not be used.
Please sit alone or with members of your own household.
No singing. (Organist may play or recorded music/hymns may be played.)
No physical exchange of peace.
Masks are recommended for adults (but not required if unable to wear one).
Service sheets will be provided - please take home with you.
Leave nothing in the church (papers, tissues etc.)
Collection will be a retiring collection and if you prefer to give by other means the details are on the parish website.
Names of those attending will be recorded and kept temporarily for contact tracing.
No tea or coffee after church.
At end of service, rear pews exit first and please observe social distancing outside the building.

Hopefully these restrictions can be relaxed before too long but please do your best to follow them and keep the church safe for everybody.
Nobody should feel under any pressure to return to church. Online services will be available on

George Harris died on 25th May following a long illness surrounded by his family, peacefully at home. Our sympathy with his wife Mabel, children, Sharon, Dorothy & Philip, son-in-law Julian, daughter-in-law Helen, grandchildren, Logan, Charlie, Grace, Mya & Pippa, brothers Jimmy & Willie (Newcastle-Lyons), relations, family and friends. He was pre-deceased by his brothers Ronnie, Gay, Neville and sisters Emma & Irene. A short ceremony took place at Georges home in the open air on what was a beautiful sunny day and he was given a substantial guard of honour by friends and neighbours who lined the route from the house. His funeral service was held in Mount Jerome Crematorium on 27th May with his immediate family.

Our prayers are with Shirley Gibson and her family as they had a double bereavement. Hilary Carter, Shirley Gibsons sister died two days after Shirleys daughter, Louises funeral. A private ceremony took place for Louise. She was buried in Mount Jerome on 22nd June. Hilary died in Marymount Hospice, Cork and is survived by her husband Rev. Arthur Carter, her daughter, Isabel and sisters Rhoda & Shirley. May God comfort all who mourn.

Church Finances
Like many parishes, we rely on income from the Slip Hall and Car Boot Sales and are aware that many parishioners have had reductions in their incomes also.

For parishioners who are unable to attend church and would normally contribute by envelopes and are able to do so - payments can be made direct to the bank accounts - remembering to include your name in the narrative and envelope number. IBAN: IE78AIBK93350301564099. BIC: AIBKIE2D. AIB, Celbridge. Cheques to Celbridge & Straffan Church of Ireland Parish. Or for Newcastle - cheques to Newcastle Church of Ireland Parish. IBAN: IE19AIBK93350316126025. BIK: AIBKIE2D. AIB Celbridge. Further details on For those who have standing orders or have continued to contribute to the parish financially over the last few months - thank you.

Books of the Bible Quiz Results
Thanks to all who entered the quiz which Linda Daly set me as a challenge. There were 94 entries - 66 were correct and covered 14 counties and 1 from England! Im sure the postman was wondering why I got so much mail. The total amount received was 526.00. I envisaged donating the cost of producing the parish newsletter for the year and give the balance to Christian Aid - and this is what I have done. So 117.00 goes to the parish and the balance to Christian Aid. Many thanks to everybody - I enjoyed the challenge and so did a lot of others! All 3 prize winners were from Cork! The answers are:-

1. Wise sayings - PROVERBS
2. Citizens of a huge place COLOSSIANS
3. This person has 2 books and another wrote a diary SAMUEL
4 Grade work MARK
5. . Rantzen ESTHER
6. Expressions of sorrow LAMENTATIONS
7. Hey ..! (song) JUDE
8. 48 5 23 NUMBERS
9. He had a whale of a time! JONAH
10. A persons occupation JOB
11. Version of the Bible/King JAMES
12. Seen in court JUDGES
13. Fact newly made known REVELATION
14. A mixed up part of the body and a fruit PHILEMON
15. Radcliffe/Day-Lewis DANIEL
16. Phil Collins rock band GENESIS
17. Man makes drink HEBREWS
18. Sodium, bees do this NAHUM
19. George, Richard KINGS
20. Citizens of European capital ROMANS
21. There are 150 of these PSALMS
22. Proven fact without a beverage! RUTH
23. Patron Saint of brewers/surgeons LUKE
24. What there will be when cocooning is over! EXODUS

A further 50.00 was received and sent to the Treasurer.

No Ongoing Events
It is hoped to recommence the Wednesday morning services in September.

Easter Vestries
Directions are awaited from the Diocesan office.

There will be no confirmation for our parish this year as the first class coincided with the lockdown so candidates are not prepared.

Services During Covid Restrictions
On behalf of all the parishioners and readers of CSNL NEWS, a big thank you to our Rector for producing services Sunday by Sunday which we could participate in .. and sing! It was good also to see the churches while we watched on devices. Thanks too to all who took part in readings, prayers, photography, singing and playing the organs. The Editor spotted that on 7th June, which centred on creation that participants included - 2 Weirs, a River, 3 Brookes & 1 Lougheed!

There were more contributions to the Online Songs Of Praise on 28th June than could be included and so these will be held over for another Songs of Praise in the autumn in church. Thanks to the producer - our Rector, Stephen, writer, Linda Daly & Researcher, Dee Huddleston, Jenny Shaw on the organ & videos by Aaron Neill, Jos Evertsen, Sarah Lynn & Malachy McKenna, Bill Nicholson, Gordon Bass, Zoe Lipson, Gwen & Tom Watkins, Vivien Bond, Linda Daly & Lilian Webb for their videos as to why they chose their favourite hymns. Our Rector introduced the favourites of Zoe Lipson, John Darlow, Betty Beattie, Jim Gleeson, Rebecca Taylor and June Galligan. The hymns were - Praise my Soul, Guide me O thou Great Jeohovah, For all the Saints, Dear Lord and Father, Count your blessings, Father I place, As the Deer pants, We plough the fields, How great is our God, O Jesus I have promised, How great thou art, Shout to the Lord, Shine Jesus Shine, Great is thy faithfulness, Amazing Grace and There is a Redeemer.

All services resumed on 5th July with a Service of the Word - Returning to Church and commenced with the Easter Greeting. They will continue to be online but they will not be available until Sunday afternoons as they will consist of a recording of one of the Sunday morning services in the parish.

Primrose Hill National School
Thanks to Intel, School Principal, Mrs. Caroline Flood & our Rector received a 4,000 grant on 11th June at Castletown House, Celbridge from Intel Pride of Place for school playground refurbishment. Congratulations to the 6th class who had their online Graduation on June, 24th. We wish them well as they embark on the next stage of their lives. Thanks to the teachers and pupils who had to learn new ways of learning and have to prepare over the summer for the re-opening of the school in compliance with government guidelines. Best wishes also to those who are awaiting the results of their “Leaving Certificate” and have decisions to make when results come out.

Christian Aid
Dee Huddleston, Church and Community Officer for Christian Aid preached in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin on its Patronal Festival on Trinity Sunday which was streamed live. The Eucharist was celebrated by the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. Jackson. Also in attendance were Dean Dunne & Rev Abigail Sines, Dean’s Vicar in Christ Church Cathedral. Dee had walked around Straffan for the 31 days in March carrying 2 buckets of water and had raised over €3,500. She was inspired by a 67 year old widowed grandmother Rose Jonathan who walks for 6 hours a day to fetch water for her family. She has been looking after her 6 grandchildren alone since her daughters moved away from the village for work.

Sunday Services - July/August
Sunday Newcastle 9 a.m. Straffan 10.15 a.m. Celbridge 11.30 a.m.
1st Holy Communion Service of the Word Holy Communion
2nd Service of Word Holy Communion Service of the Word
3rd Holy Communion Morning Prayer Holy Communion
4th Morning Prayer Holy Communion Morning Prayer
5th 30/8/20 United Service - Christ Church, Celbridge. 11.30 a.m.
Please note that Holy Communion services recommence in Newcastle & Celbridge on 19th July and in Straffan on 26th.

Chuckle Time
The oldest computer was owned by Adam & Eve. It was an Apple with very limited memory. Just 1 Byte and everything crashed!

Thanks to all who have worked to keep us safe since the Coronavirus hit our shores - all who work in shops, chemists, post offices, delivery services etc., and especially all working in the hospital and health care service in the front line. Also for those in Government, the Department of Health and HSE in steering the country through the pandemic and continuing to do so.

Thanks to all who looked after the church grounds since the churches closed - the grass continued to grow!

Closing Date - September/October Issue Of CSNL NEWS
The closing date will be on Monday, 24th August so that the issue can be available at the United Service on Sunday, 30th August in Christ Church, Celbridge.

Take Time
Now that many of us have had a lot of the above, here is a verse I came across on a 1992 postcard while tidying files.
Take time to think - it is the source of power.
Take time to read - it is the foundation of wisdom.

Take time to play - it is the secret of staying young.
Take time to be quiet - it is the opportunity to seek God.

Take time to be aware - it is the opportunity to help others.
Take time to love and be loved - it is Gods greatest gift.

Take time to laugh - it is the music of the soul.
Take time to be friendly - it is the road to happiness.

Take time to dream - it is what the future is made of.
Take time to pray - it is the greatest power on earth.

There is a time for everything …”

Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Stay safe. Pray for a vaccine.

Whos Who In The Parish
Rector: Rev. Stephen Neill 01-6288231 087-2328172

The Church Review
May, June, July/August editions are only available on line - and can be read/downloaded from the parish facebook page.

Heritage Week - 15th to 23rd August
Theme this year is Heritage and Education: learning from our heritage.

2020 - A Fresh Vision

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