Tuesday, 10 November 2020

A Special Appeal

 Many of you will recall Daniel Fagan-Bourgon a pupil in our parish school who sadly passed away last year after a long illness. Mark Fagan, Daniel’s dad was on the radio yesterday talking about Daniel and a project he and Daniel’s Mum Maria are involved in, building a Daisy Lodge in Mayo. This will be the first Daisy Lodge in the Republic of Ireland. There is a Daisy Lodge in Newcastle, up north and Mark and his family spent two lovely weekends there with Daniel. They provide respite care for families, in a lodge/family setting. Barrotstown, he said, is equally as good but they are each a different experience. (One a camp, all families having fun, the other is more a bit of peace and tranquility for the family, with help at hand, if needed). If you are interested in making a donation to support their work see details on the link:

                              CLICK HERE TO HELP

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