Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Books of the Bible Quiz Answers

Thanks to Lilian Webb for setting and organizing this most successful fundraising quiz

From Lilian: 
Thanks to all who entered the above and for those who didn't get around to entering - I hope you "enjoyed" the challenge! .  I received 94 entries - and I'm sure the postman was wondering why I got so much post in a couple of weeks!  The returned quizzes came from Wicklow, Kildare, Cork, Offaly, Tipperary, Antrim, Kilkenny, Carlow, Waterford, Longford, Laois, Cavan, Clare, Dublin & England!  

The winners were picked by a couple who were here for afternoon tea - and all three came from Co. Cork.

The total amount received was €526.00.  If I received sufficient I envisaged donating the cost of producing the parish newsletter - for the year - CSNL NEWS - and give the balance to Christian Aid - and this is what I will be doing - so €117.00 goes to the parish of Celbridge, Straffan & Newcastle-Lyons and the balance to Christian Aid.  I have to thank a parishioner in Straffan - Linda - for setting me the challenge!  So - well done and thank you to everybody.

Quiz. All answers are Books Of The Bible - Answers

1. Wise sayings (8) PROVERBS

2. Citizens of a huge place (10) COLOSSIANS

3. This person has two books and another wrote a diary (6) SAMUEL

4 Grade work (4) MARK

5. . Rantzen (6) ESTHER

6. Expressions of sorrow (12) LAMENTATIONS

7. Hey ..! (song) (4) JUDE

8. 48 5 23 (7) NUMBERS

9. He had a whale of a time! (5) JONAH
10. A persons occupation (3) JOB

11. Version of the Bible/King (5) JAMES

12. Seen in court (6) JUDGES

13. Fact newly made known (10) REVELATION

14. A mixed up part of the body and a fruit (8) PHILEMON

15. Radcliffe/Day-Lewis (6) DANIEL

16. Phil Collins rock band (7) GENESIS

17. Man makes drink (7) HEBREWS

18. Sodium, bees do this (5) NAHUM

19. George, Richard (5) KINGS

20. Citizens of European capital (6) ROMANS

21. There are 150 of these (6) PSALMS

22. Proven fact without a beverage! (4) RUTH

23. Patron Saint of brewers/surgeons (4) LUKE

24. What there will be when cocooning is over! (6) EXODUS

1st drawn - Ruth Buttimer, Co. Cork. 2nd - Noreen OConnell, Co. Cork.
Incomplete/incorrect - F. Williams, Co Cork.

94 entries received - 66 correct - from 14 Counties and 1 in England! 526.00 received which will be given to the parish of Celbridge, Straffan & Newcastle-Lyons and Christian Aid. Many thanks

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